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Want to know more about your man? Well look down! His toes say it all.

A lot of women nowadays, especially those with passion for fashion, say that you’ll know anything you need about a man by looking at his shoes. However, according to Chinese and Indian personality readers, you need to go a layer beyond and take a look at his feet and toes.
This type of personality reading originates from these countries and it is a practice that is thousands of years old, based on the belief that the feet and not the eyes are windows to our bodies and souls.

They say that you can tell a lot about a man’s personal traits and characteristics by looking at his feet, so take a look at the photo and compare your feet or someone else’s and see what you’ll find out.

Example 1

This particular form of the toes is characteristic of very intelligent people who use their creative personality to find a creative and unusual solution to every problem. But even despite their imaginative nature, their insecurities often prevent them from going through with what they’ve started and leave their work unfinished.

Example 2

People with this kind of toes possess a special energy and have the potential to be very creative. They are always clear on what they want and stand for what they really believe.

Example 3

Born leaders! These people are mainly career-oriented, and the only drawback for them would be their desire for perfection. An interesting Indian legend says that mothers wouldn’t let their children marry women whose second toe is longer than the other, because they saw this as a sign of a very dominant and bossy character.

Example 4

What these people value the most is their families, loved ones and closest friends. They are very empathic and really good listeners. However, this characteristic can turn against them, as they take everything to heart and can be negatively influenced by other people’s problems.

Example 5

If a man has this type of toes, it means that he is aspiring and ambitious but rather irresponsible. They may be fun to be around, but their behavior is quite childlike.

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