20 Ways To Use Coca Cola Which Prove That We Shouldn’t Be Drinking It

Even though we are aware that drinking coke is not good for us, we still do it every day. What we should know though, is how bad of an effect it has on us. Coke has a very high amount of acid which damages teeth enamel and causes decay. Just for the sake of comparison, water has a pH level of 7, the battery acid has pH level of 1 and some cokes have a pH of 2.5.

This shows how bad coke is for our body, but it can be effectively used to clean the house. Here are 20 ways you can use coke as a cleaner:

  1. It can be used for getting rid of grease stains from clothes and fabric
  2. Dip a cloth in coke to clean rust and loosen rusty bolts.
  3. Rid your clothes and fabrics from blood stains.
  4. Pour coke on your garage floor to clean the oil stains. Just let it soak and clean with water.
  5. Coke can be used as exterminator of slugs and snails.
  6. Soak burnt pans in coke to clean them up.
  7. Similarly to pans, you can use coke to descale kettles.
  8. Pour some coke on your car battery terminals to clean them.
  9. Clean your engine
  10. Coke can also be used to clean up old coins and make them shine again.
  11. Let coke sit for a few minutes on your kitchen floor to clean the tile grout.
  12. It can even dissolve a tooth. It just takes a sealed container and a little patience.
  13. It can help you get rid of nasty gum in your hair, just dip the strand of hair in a bowl of coke and it’ll come off.
  14. Coke cleans stained vitreous china.
  15. Two litres of Coke will clean up rust from your dirty pool.
  16. Diet Coke will remove or at least fade the dye from your hair.
  17. You can clean up marker stains from your precious carpets. Scrub the stains with Coke and then clean with soap and water.
  18. Pour Coke in your toilet bowl to clean it spotless! Just flush and watch it shine.
  19. Shine up Chrome with Coke and aluminum foil.
  20. Clean paint from metal furniture by leaving a towel soaked in Coke.


This is why Coke should be used to clean the house and not be used as a drink. Who knew it could do all those things?

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